Related Projects

Related projects

Because the scope of problems Material-UI solves is limited, we try to play nicely with other libraries. We have built a carefully curated collection of libraries that worth giving a look. Feel free to submit a pull-request to add more projects; we will accept them if they match our criteria.

Material-UI Specific Projects

  • dx-react-grid-material-ui A data grid for Material-UI with paging, sorting, filtering, grouping and editing features.
  • material-ui-autosuggest A fuzzy-search component for React and Material-UI.
  • material-ui-pickers Components that implement Material Design date and time pickers for Material-UI.
  • material-ui-time-picker A TimePicker for Material-UI.
  • mui-datatables Responsive data tables for Material-UI with filtering, sorting, search and more.
  • mui-downshift Thin layer over paypal's downshift to use Material-UI visual components.
  • Wertarbyte Wertarbyte are using Material-UI for many of their projects. This is a collection of complementary components they have built.

Complementary Projects